Annually we producing bout 20 000m3 finished wood in lengths of 2.4-3.2 meters. All the raw materials are measured in hours plane by the VMF. Before the logs comes to the actual sawing, a certain sorting happen. For example spike, oversized, wrong length, etc.


Later it's time for debarkning. Now, when the log is in the sawmill it passes the measuring unit. With the help of the measuring information, we can turn the log in precise location and positioning of all the tools in sawing machine which is a Veisto HewSaw MSA. This machine is very flexible because it will automatically change settings for every log. When logs containing side boards they will go to a Millomatic edge systems.


The sorting is made in two different trysorters made of Gunnarssons Verkstad AB. Gunnarsson has also made packaging machine which is the last station of the sawmill.


In one workshift we saw about 7000 logs.


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